751 Fairfield Rd. (Astoria)
562 Yates St. (The Oriental)
595 Pandora Ave.
517 Fisgard St. (Union)
528 Pandora Ave. (Union)
409 Swift St. (Mermaid Wharf)
456 Pandora Ave. (Janion)
599 Pandora Ave.
610 Johnson St. (Monaco)
1602 Quadra St. (Palladian)
770 Fisgard St. (The Hudson)
732 Cormorant St. (Corazon)
760 Johnson St. (Juliet)
620 Toronto St. (Roberts House)
707 Courtney St. (The Falls)
708 Burdett Ave. (The Falls)
608 Broughton St. (Sovereign)
524 Yates St. (Leiser)
1022 Fort St. (Adria)
960 Yates St. (Legato)
728 Yates St. (Era)
613 Herald St. (Cityzen)

* NOTE – Strata’s are subject to change. Bylaws, Rules and Regulations can change over time even with transient zoning in place.

* Verify independently with city zoning on current status within each building.